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LDmicro Forum - PWM skalling

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PWM skalling (by Milan)
Hi! I'm trying to skaling ADC input to PWM output whit SHR funcion, and when i try to compailn, i got mesage "Internal relay '$overlap'never asigned,add its coil somewhere...

Anybody now what is a problem? Thanks...
Here is ldfile,and screenshoot of error message
Sun Feb 10 2019, 05:21:45, download attachment error.jpg
(no subject) (by Milan)
Sun Feb 10 2019, 05:22:43, download attachment scal.ld
(no subject) (by MGP)
Download the newest version and it compiles without errors.

Sun Feb 10 2019, 06:03:12
(no subject) (by Milan)
Thanks MGP!!!
I have new problem in this version...Now,i cant set MCU frequency below 1MHz in PLC configuration menu.When i set that on 0.5MHz, i got message 'Zero crystal frequency not valid,resseting to 16Mhz'.
Sun Feb 10 2019, 06:24:23
(no subject) (by Tom J.)
Which Micro?
It doesn't much matter since you should be able to select your frequency in the programming software with the config bits.
Sun Feb 10 2019, 15:08:54
try use comma (by Ihor Nehrutsa)
set that on 0,5MHz
Sun Feb 10 2019, 16:09:47
(no subject) (by Alex)
hello Ihor
Sun Feb 10 2019, 18:05:41
(no subject) (by MGP)
@ Gilles,

In all your versions of LDmicro we can not choose the pwm % anymore.

@ Ihor, good to hear from you.
Mon Feb 11 2019, 04:56:08, download attachment LdmicroV5x.jpg
(no subject) (by Milan)
To Ihor Nehrutsa -Not working whit comma... To Tom J- version LdMicro 32 5.2 , i must set in software MCU frequency min 0.8Mhz because LdMicro don't give me to compile when PWM frequency is 50hz,and minimum (now available selectable) freq is 1Mhz
Mon Feb 11 2019, 10:37:54
(no subject) (by Ziggy)
In an earlier posting it was noted LDMicro 43 implements PWM as a C library.
To work with PWM in percentages open up the the C library and modify it to suit Your needs.
Otherwise mify your ladder diagram to work with PWM coefficients from zero to 1033.

I think. Sorry do not haveany practical experience with LDmicro 32.
Mon Feb 11 2019, 14:17:46
(no subject) (by Ziggy)
Note to self... dont respond to questions before 4 am.
Mon Feb 11 2019, 20:43:13
(no subject) (by Josť GILLES)

I've been off line for a while ; What do you mean by "can't choose pwm % anymore ?"

I have to make some trials with new 5.3 version, and maybe adapt some libraries...

To be continued
Wed Feb 13 2019, 08:28:08
(no subject) (by MGP)
The pull down menu PWM "Resolution" does not work in Ldmicro32.
In V5300 it works again.
Thu Feb 14 2019, 06:39:52
(no subject) (by Milan)
What obout MCU freq selection for values below 1Mhz?
Fri Feb 15 2019, 02:00:09
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